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Avatec group

AVA Tec. Group is one of the leading companies which established its closed relation with customers not just suppling material, for us providing solution for our customer is our mission.

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Steel Industries

Steel is the most versatile of the structural engineering materials, so more grades of steel are available for casting than any other type of alloy. The casting of steel presents a number special problems due mainly to the high casting temperature, typically 1550-1600°C, the volume shrinkage that occurs on solidification and the susceptibility of molten steel to oxide formation. Steel castings range in size from a few grams to hundreds of tonnes. Steel castings are often used in critical situations where optimum mechanical properties are essential so that freedom from casting defects is particularly important.

Iron Foundry

Iron foundries require metal of controlled composition and temperature, supplied at a rate sufficient to match the varying demands of the moulding line. The metallic charge to be melted consists usually of foundry returns, iron scrap, steel scrap and pig iron with alloying additions such as ferrosilicon. The majority of repetition iron castings are made in green sand moulds with resin-bonded cores. The great merits of grey iron are its low cost, its high fluidity at modest temperatures and the fact that it freezes with little volume change. Ductile iron has high ductility allowing castings to be used in critical applications.

Investment Casting

The investment casting sector produces a broad range of high value added castings for the aerospace, power, medical and automotive industries amongst others, where quality demands are at their highest.

Foseco offers a growing range of products to help the investment casting sector address they key challenges it faces such as:

  • Increased metal cleanliness
  • Optimisation of energy usage
  • Improved casting quality
  • Higher casting yields

Aluminum Industries


In the aluminium die-casting, for obtaining an high qualitative level, is necessary: 


An adequate treatment of the liquid metal
Excellent lubrication of the mould 

JODOVIT produces fluxes that prevent the formation of oxides and hard points. 


For removing gas in solution, besides used of appropriate tablets, JODOVIT has purge plugs too, which can be installed in the melting furnaces.


Moreover JODOVIT produces a vast range of release agents, LUBRAX, that formulated with modern necessity of efficiency and less environmental impact, facilitate the separation of the casts and reduce the moulds temperature. 

Best results are obtained by using specific chimical auxiliares. 



AVATec. Group is one of the main Iranian suppliers of services, technical support and mineral raw materials in metallurgy, petrochemical and many other industries.

By having the exclusive representation of prestigious international companies, AVATec. Group supplies required raw material of different industries at the most competitive price and best quality both directly from the origin country and through its domestic warehouses. Its stable inventory of a wide range of materials is a reliable source for many producers.
Also with the support of experienced staff and foreign specialists, AVATec. Group has the opportunity of implementing joint R&D projects with the clients.
AVATec. Group hopes to establish a deep and lasting relationship with the customers in removing barriers to the country’s industries and promoting local industrial products.